Hello Everyone


I will be away on sabbatical this summer. 

Definition of sabbatical (from Latin: Sabbitcus; from Greek: Sabbatikos; from Hebrew: Shabbat, i.e., Sabbath) is “rest from work, or a break; refresh, refocus, read.” The United Church of Canada grants a three month period for clergy for study or travel. 

I will be traveling to Guelph, Ontario, for Spiritual Director’s Supervision Training. I will be in Fairview for Drama Camp week (August 8-11), and I am taking professional development in Peace River in August.

My sabbatical project will be researching the history of our church building in preparation for the 90th anniversary in 2018. JoAnne Shaw, Karen Litke, Joan Shoemaker, and Jennifer Winter have already committed to helping with this project, and more volunteers are always welcome. We plan to celebrate the 90 years in this building and community (1928-2018), and starting in January, will honour each year during our Sunday worship, beginning with 1928-1929 on January 7. We will also be taking some time to honour the history of the beautiful banners used in our sanctuary throughout the year.

This is an exciting project!

Wishing you summer blessings,
Harold Imes, Minister